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Laurel & Hardy on Epoxy Floors?

Slip and fall workplace accidents are portrayed as hilarious scenes in old movies, but they’re certainly no joke to real life employees – or to the company bottom line!  So anti-slip floors are key when considering concrete resurfacing.  But, how to install non-slip flooring that will maintain its safety profile and still allow for easy cleaning, even in heavy facility traffic?

More “mature” readers will remember when crushed walnut shells, among a variety of other abrasives, were used to create slip resistant finishes.  Then came aluminum oxide.  Chosen for its hardness and resistance to wear, white aluminum oxide aggregate was the specification standard for many years and is still used regularly today.  Like its predecessors, installation requires an experienced, skilled technician using a “whirlybird” device to evenly distribute the medium throughout the wet floor coating.  This is typically followed by a topcoat, to ensure good encapsulation of the grit.

There are some new kids on the anti-slip flooring block, however.  Glass beads and “Shark Skin” (finely graded, clear hard polymer particles) are vying for position.  Each has its advantages, though both can be mixed directly into the cement paint while still in the bucket.  In contrast to the heavier aluminum oxide, glass beads and Shark Skin remain suspended in the coating after mixing. This allows the technician to roll out the floor paint and aggregate simultaneously, producing an even non-slip flooring finish in one step.  No additional broadcasting of medium is needed and the extra topcoat can often be avoided.  The final result is a more even distribution of anti-skid properties, when compared with the random broadcast method.

Bottom line, the last thing you want to hear is, “Whooops!” – KERPLUNK — “Well, Stanley, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”  Let your local Florock Representative outline the best concrete flooring choices for your unique facility.  Just give us a call at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or email us: info@florock.net.  We’re here to help! florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems

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