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Flooring Q & A

Sam K. of Bend, OR, writes:

My upcoming job in a private air hangar requires a floor coating with approval from both the MPI (Master Painters Institute) and the U.S. Military!   I told them I didn’t think such a product existed, but the architect insists on it.  Can you help me?

Hello Sam,

Look no further!  FLOROCK has been working with the U.S. Military for years and is published as an approved source in the official government specs.  And of course, FLOROCK industrial floor coating for hangars is listed on MPI 212*.  The standard consists of one coat of Floropoxy 4700 Primer and two coats of Florothane CRU 250.  You won’t find a better hangar flooring system anywhere!

Linda Z. of Tulsa, OK, writes:

Our maintenance bay floors need help.  Despite our cleaning schedule, the dripping oil, fluids, and solvents are eating away at whatever epoxy coating is currently on the concrete.  I’d sure hate for some inspector to walk through here now!  Do you have a cement floor paint that will hold up?  And is it available in a satin finish?

Hello Linda,

Thanks for your inquiry.  And Yes! We have just the concrete resurfacing system for your situation!  Florothane CRU 250, now available in both high gloss and satin finish, will provide your vehicle bay floors with the high tech floor paint protection they need.  With proper maintenance, your industrial flooring will look great for years to come.  And your local FLOROCK Representative can introduce you to the trained professional installer in your area.  Just give us a call:  800-FLOROCK (356-7625)!


*MPI #212   Floor Coating, Thin Film, for Aircraft Maintenance Facilities: This MPI standard requires a two or three coat liquid flooring system with reflective topcoats consisting of a primer and a topcoat or a primer, mid-coat and topcoat. The mid-coat and topcoat shall be two coats of the same material. This system is appropriate for use in aircraft maintenance hangars, equipment maintenance shops and all other industrial floors where resistance to abrasion, lubricants and fuel is required. We offer commercial floor coating systems.

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