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Picnics, Parties and…Floor Coatings?

Tall, frosty beverages consumed in hammocks, the scent of barbecue smoke in the air,  the pounding bass of a passing teenager’s car…  It must be Labor Day, that “all American”, who-can-argue-with-it, most relaxing of holidays at summer’s end!

Sounds great.  However, as a Professional Concrete Flooring Installer, you probably have other plans.  With luck, those burnt burgers will have to wait — You have a nice floor coating project lined up for the long weekend!

All is well… until those Thursday morning pre-holiday calls roll in…

How to keep things from spiraling into the stress zone?  Plan early and well!

  1. Phone ‘em! If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to call customers that you suspect might need a rush job later.
  2. Seek professional help! Your local Florock Rep (some call him their “Stress Management Counselor”) is ready to help you survey facility floors, provide expert advice, and work with you to achieve the highest value for your budget.
  3. Place your order — the big weekend is only ten days away!

Yes, you say, planning sounds nice.   But we all know those eleventh hour jobs can still pop up.

No worries!  We have plenty of fresh Florock product packed and waiting.  Just call us whenever your customer says it’s a “go”.  Your order will on its way faster than you can say, “burnt to a crisp!” If you need commercial floor coatings, call us.

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