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Concrete Flooring — Winning Strategies!

It’s the job that will make your month – and you want it! The building owner tells you he invited someone to bid against you. Ok, so what else is new?

Here’s what you learn going in: It’s a 40K sq. ft. food processing facility. The entire concrete floor gets steam-cleaned regularly. Several coolers and freezers see excessive thermal cycling. Production areas get exposed to acidic sugar syrups and hot oils, bleach and harsh alkaline cleaners. Occasionally there are machine oils and solvents to consider. And, of course, the budget is tight.

The inspection: As you walk through the plant, you can see it’s years since anything’s been done. The entire floor will have to be blasted and resurfaced. It’s a “no brainer” – Florocrete is the obvious industrial floor coating for this extreme environment.

But, whoa…! What about these large sections of seriously degraded substrate? And here, the slope to drain needs correction… Using the high performance topping to build the floor up in these areas will put a big dent in the budget.

The challenge: What can you do to beat out the competition?

The answer: Suddenly you remember what Rick Olejnik, the Florock Sales Rep in Michigan, recently told you about New Florock Acrylic Polymer Additive. It gets substituted for water in a Portland/ sand (or other aggregate) mix and offers an economical way to build up concrete. Plus, it imparts excellent thermal shock resistance and great bond strength to other Florock finish coats. Just what’s needed on this job!

In fact, from what Rick said, you could even install the Acrylic Polymer Additive as a stand-alone system in that small dry storage room, where a concrete appearance is acceptable.

The bottom line: By trimming cost on substrate repair and slope creation, plus acting as a low-budget finish where allowed, New Florock Acrylic Polymer Additive gives you the competitive edge you need!

Just ask your local Florock Rep for details, or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625). We’re here to help! florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems

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