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Concrete Flooring Q & A

Bill B. of Rochester, NY, writes:

What am I supposed to do about the floors I’m seeing out here these days?  The facility owners seem to be waiting until the concrete’s practically falling apart before they think about calling. Then, they don’t want to pay for the inch of epoxy mortar it’ll take to restore the substrate!  Any ideas?

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your inquiry.  This is a story we hear repeatedly in this economy. And fortunately, we have the solution!  NEW Acrylic Polymer Additive is substituted for the water in a Portland/ aggregate mix to create the budget-saving high build underlayment you’re looking for.  It even offers excellent thermal shock resistance and ideal bond strength for your Florock topping of choice!

Stefanie R. of Albuquerque, NM, writes:

As an architect, my latest challenge is the conversion of an old warehouse into a high-tech packaging area.  The surface of the existing bare concrete floor is an uneven mess, but I’d like to avoid repouring the slab for budgetary reasons.  The finish will need to be seamless epoxy with skid-resistance.  Do you have a written specification I can use?

Hello Stefanie,

Thanks for asking!  Yes, we have a number of architectural specifications available.  They are publication-ready and easy to copy/ paste into your document.

Without seeing the floor, however, it’s hard to know the best way to build up your degraded substrate.  For example, would an underlayment using NEW Acrylic Polymer Additive be required, or should a ¼” FloroBuild Epoxy Mortar System be installed?

Your local Florock Representative can help you specify the ideal high-performance flooring system for your project.  We offer this service at no charge!  Just give a call at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).

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