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FloroCrete Floor Coatings Approved in Canada!

Vive la Canadienne!  With the Stanley Cup question finally settled, we can at last praise our friends to the north without fear of Black Hawk fan retribution. And no, you haven’t linked to the wrong blog – we are talking about flooring here!

Thanks to the diligence of Aviva Lorens, Florock Marketing & Government Relations Manager, FloroCrete Urethane Mortar products are now approved for use in food processing facilities by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  The CFIA is the Canadian equivalent to the American USDA.

What was the approval process like?  “I worked with our lab for several days, detailing every ingredient and what percentage of the product that ingredient was.  Then I supplied the CFIA with all the component CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) registry numbers, chemical and trade names.  After that came six weeks of follow up and waiting for approval.”  Though it wasn’t easy to squeeze the extra work into her already over-booked days, Lorens says it was well worth it.  “Our Sales Team made the request on behalf of customers.  We had to make it happen!”  Vive L’Aviva!

It’s no surprise that the popularity of FloroCrete concrete coatings continues to grow in the Food & Beverage Industry.  Just like Stanley Cup Winners, these heavy duty floors face extreme challenges with muscle and style. Whether acidic sugars, hot oil spills, freeze/thaw cycling or nightly steam cleaning, there’s a FloroCrete formulation ready to handle it!

And now this formidable flooring has the stamp of approval in Canada.  What’s next for the Florock Team?  Well, the 2010 World Cup is underway… Soccer anyone?

See the actual CFIA document:  Canadian approval letter.  Need more info?  Just contact us via the “comment ” space below or call us at 800-FLOROCK (356-7625). www.florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems

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