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Questions and Answers – Industrial Floor Coating

Bobby J. of Fort Wayne, TX, writes:

I’ve got a flooring project I’m bidding on and the specification calls for a Zero V.O.C. product with a “satin finish”. I know about satin urethanes, but they usually contain solvent. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your inquiry. And yes, we do have a suggestion! Floropoxy Satin may be just right for your project. It’s 100% solids epoxy that dries to an attractive satin finish. Field tinting is easy, too, with Florock 100% Solids Colorants!


Chris C. of Dover, MA, writes:

I’ve personally installed your Floropoxy Satin several times with great uniform results. Recently, though, I let our new hire apply the product without supervision and the cured floor ended up with some glossy spots. Luckily, I was able to correct the situation the next day. Still, I wonder — did he confuse the mix ratio, or was it an application problem?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this important question. As long as the floor cured hard, an incorrect mix ratio was probably not to blame. Satin finishes in particular require consistent installation technique throughout the floor, since uneven mil thickness can result in uneven gloss.

Why not schedule a brief training session to help your new mechanic hone his application technique? Your local FLOROCK Rep would be happy to assist you!


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