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What Our Customers Are Asking…

Pat K. of Wichita, KS, writes:

Last year, my rotary buddy expanded his facility. The GC applied epoxy to their 28 day old concrete floor and shortly thereafter, the coating started blistering and peeling. What a mess! Now we’re planning a new addition for our plant. How can I avoid having the same problem?

Pat, barring other mechanical or environmental issues, and assuming the floor was properly prepped before coating, it’s likely that your friend’s concrete was not fully cured at the time of epoxy installation. The industry recommendation of “achieving a 28 day cure prior to coating” is a guideline – not an absolute. If the flooring installer does not properly test the slab for relative humidity and simply paints the floor on Day 29, there’s really no way of knowing whether or not the coating will hold! For your project, we’d first recommend that you use the services of a professional polymer flooring installer who can analyze your situation properly. Secondly, ask him/her to use Wagner’s Rapid RH system for measuring the relative humidity of the new slab as it cures*. Rapid RH is the most cost-effective way to help ensure that your new concrete is ready for coating. Florock offers its Rapid RH kit on loan to qualified customers, so be sure to give us a call!

* In accordance with ASTM F2170, “Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using In Situ Probes”

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