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What Our Customers Are Asking

Bob W. of Mokena, IL writes:
We’ve installed your products for years and our customers have been very happy. Is there a reason to use FloroCrete versus your epoxy flooring?

Thanks for your business, Bob! As you know, the broad FLOROCK line of concrete floor finishes can fulfill almost any industrial, commercial or institutional need. Floropoxy and Florothane provide outstanding protection for many applications. However, when you come across a floor that is exposed to high concentrations of chemicals, thermal shock/cycling (including steam-cleaning) and heavy traffic, think “FloroCrete”. Then, call your local FLOROCK Rep to discuss the details!

John K. of Spokane, WA writes:
How do I know which FloroCrete product is right for my application?

John, the type of FloroCrete recommended depends upon the level of traffic, chemical exposure and thermal shock the floor will receive, as well as the appearance and skid-resistance required. The installation technique necessary, the depth of material needed, the room size, and even whether the floor is level or sloped, can influence the decision. You’ll want to discuss your unique situation with your local FLOROCK Rep. For a rundown of the different FloroCrete products, be sure to check out the “Expert’s Tips” in our May 19th FLOROCK Blog.

Sandy B. of Tupelo, MS writes:
What color choices does my customer have when I install FloroCrete?

Sandy, FloroCrete PT, RT and HD are furnished pre-pigmented in Tile Red or Silver Grey, while FloroCrete SL and TL are field-tintable with a variety of FLOROCK dry pigments. Additionally, decorative skid-resistant aggregates may be a choice in some applications. Your local Representative can provide you with further info.!


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