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New FloroCrete HD — Better than Yoga?

No doubt about it – being a Plant Manager can be stressful! Take Matt K., for example. He’s under doctor’s orders to watch his blood pressure. To learn more, let’s check in on Matt’s day…and keep track of his BP readings!

“Annual Maintenance Shutdown is coming up. Ok, what needs to be done? (BP: 80/115) Priority one – concrete floor finishes! The plant will need quarter inch resurfacing, or even more in some places… (BP: 90/125)

Large areas, severe chemical exposure, super heavy loads, lots of traffic. Plus, steam-cleaning every other shift (BP: 90/125). And government standards…the floor’s got to be in line with FDA and OSHA regs (BP: 95/130)! That means cove base in some places, sanitary, seamless and slip-resistant. Having seen the floor in our other plant, I know FloroCrete will handle these issues better than typical epoxy flooring (BP: 80/115).

But, YIKES! The TIMING — it’s super tight! The bosses want us back online faster than ever! Can the floor be installed in just one pass?!” (BP: 160/210)

Matt’s alarmed and so is his blood pressure (BP: 165/215)! The floor MUST get done. Yet, he’s never seen a heavy-duty floor installed without a separate primer and topcoat (BP: 170/220). Matt decides to make a call… (BP: 150/200)

“No problem, Matt!” says Tom Lux, Florock’s Technical Service Manager. “New FloroCrete HD fulfills your all your requirements (BP: 85/125). It slides out of the screed box effortlessly, and closes easily with troweling (BP: 80/120). It’s a single coat application – primer, body-coat and topcoat all in one – for use in the most abusive environments. There’ll be no problem getting the plant floor reopened on time.” (BP: 70/105)

Wow! Watch that blood pressure drop (BP: 60/90)!

The result of FloroCrete HD? Hard to know for sure, but we see it all the time…Plant Manager Nirvana.

Call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) to learn more…oohhhhmmm…


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