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Flooring Facts

Earth tremors and quakes — and their awesome effects — are in the news of late. Let’s see what we really know about them.

Q. Which of the following is true?

A. Some animals can predict earthquakes.*
B. Cracks can be prevented or repaired with the use of concrete floor finishes.
C. Certain weather patterns tend to occur during earthquakes.**

The answer is B. Certainly, no floor can be “held together” by epoxy flooring during an earthquake. However, typical hairline cracks in concrete floors that occur during minor movement or normal settling of a building can often be avoided or bridged with the use of an appropriate elastomeric flooring system. Proper planning of floor joints and the use of joint filler is another way to minimize typical movement issues. Finally, cracks or gaps that do occur can be quickly repaired with a variety of FLOROCK products. Call your local Representative for product details at 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625). https://www.florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems/

* http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/faq/?faqID=14

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