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Epoxy Floor Coatings in Raleigh, NC

Countless facilities across a variety of industries in Raleigh have found their optimal flooring system in an epoxy or similar resinous coating. These systems, which are installed as liquids over a concrete slab substrate, are incredibly durable and available in a wide range of both aesthetic design and chemical formulation options to achieve both your functional and aesthetic goals. From high-population facilities such as schools and prisons, to industrial settings for manufacturing or transportation, concrete floor coatings offer the reliability, durability, and customizable options needed in a in a wide range of industries and settings.



Why a Seamless Surface Matters

Because epoxy floor coatings are installed as liquids, the floor hardens to create a level virtually seamless surface without grout lines and crevices that are part of other flooring systems. This increases the durability of the surface, as weight can be more evenly distributed, and there are no weak areas prone to cracking and crumbling, as is common with ceramic tiles. The impenetrable surface also keeps out water, chemicals, and all types of contaminants that can seep in through porous openings such as grout lines, eventually undermining the structural integrity of the concrete slab.

In addition to enhancing the floor’s durability and strength, a seamless surface is also easier to clean, which is of great importance in healthcare settings and food production facilities, where contaminants can result in serious health consequences. Grout lines and other crevices offer a space where dirt, debris, and microorganisms can gather and thrive, and are extremely difficult to thoroughly clean. With a nearly seamless surface, it’s easier to be confident in the floor’s overall level of sanitation and safety.

More Benefits of Concrete Floor Coatings

While the seamless surface is a key feature that draws many business owners to choose to install epoxy flooring systems, there are numerous other benefits associated with these types of floors that make such flooring optionsthe ideal solution for countlesscommercial, healthcare, educational, and industrial facilities.

  • Beautiful Aesthetic Options.  In addition to solid colors, epoxy floor coatings are also available in a variety of multicolored chip blends, which add texture and dimension to the floor. Other aesthetic options include those that imitate the appearance of other flooring systems such as terrazzo and polished concrete, which may be prohibitively expensive and/or impractical for the demands of the space.
  • Customizable Formulations.  We at Florock know that flooring installation requires far more than a one-size-fits-all mentality, which is why we offer a wide variety of special features that can be incorporated into the floor, from antimicrobial properties to thermal shock resistance, reduction of static electricity, and enhanced slip resistance. Whatever properties are most important for your facility, we have a formula for you.

Proudly Serving Our Neighbors in Raleigh, NC

Florock is an industry leader, providing countless epoxy and similar resinous flooring systems to industrial and commercial facilities across the country. Whatever your concerns and priorities are for your next big flooring project, our experts are here to help find the solution that is best for you, fully customized to meet the unique demands of your industry.


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