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Choosing Your Commercial Floor Coating Systems

Which type of fluid applied concrete flooring systems are best? That all depends on your facility floor’s needs and your budget. Our local technical experts can help guide you and determine which systems are best for your floors. If you’re looking for the best commercial floor coatings available, Florock has everything you need for long-lasting and reliable protection.

Consider the most economical ways to patch or resurface damaged concrete commercial floors, fill holes or repair cracks. Select from innovative, highly decorative designs alongside no-frills, industrial concrete flooring systems & epoxy floor coatings. Decide on the best high-performance top coat, based on your floor traffic and daily business operations. We can work with you to install commercial floor coatings that give your facility’s flooring all of the protection it needs, with color options that can complement the rest of the environment.

Determining Your Commercial Floor Coating Needs

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Our regional technical representatives rank among the best in the resinous commercial floors business. Their concrete flooring systems experience is second to none, and they know how to identify and solve the unique challenges that every concrete floor presents. We have all of the expertise and materials needed to help ensure you receive optimal commercial floor coatings for your organization. And when it comes to customization, look no further. Whether your project calls for epoxy or another type of commercial floor coating, the Florock line includes many different customizable options to choose from, whether it’s extra high performance characteristics or special colors, blends, floor designs or graphics, the function and look of your floor is up to you.

Consult with Experts for Commercial Floor Coatings

If you’re not sure which type of commercial floor coating is ideal for your facility, the experts at Florock can help you determine what types of materials would best suit your application. We’ll assist with both flooring and color selection to make sure you get the most from your flooring systems, with the ability to help you with everything from design to installation and maintenance. Regardless of what you need for your commercial floor coatings, we’re ready to assist you today. We have an almost unlimited amount of flooring materials to give you top-quality results.

Your local representative can help you determine if static dissipative or conductive flooring is appropriate. They’ll inspect your concrete floor joints for any signs that they need restoration, and explain your options should you require integral floor-to-wall coving or even a seamless wall system. Your professional flooring rep may even evaluate your concrete slab for moisture vapor transmission to determine if a moisture-mitigating system is required.


What are the Types of Concrete Floor Coating Systems & Epoxy Coatings?

Every kind of resin for commercial floors works well in certain environments, under specific conditions and within certain parameters. Some resinous commercial floor coatings are compatible with one another, and can be combined to create the best of all worlds for your facility floor.

Your industrial or commercial floors will probably include two or more of these industrial-grade coating materials, along with slip-resistant aggregate and/or decorative elements you select, expertly installed in multiple layers to achieve the optimal appearance, texture and performance that’s right for your floors and your budget. We’re ready to help you with some of the best commercial floor coating options available anywhere. You’ll see the benefits of Florock flooring as soon as we complete your next project.

Our industrial concrete flooring systems line consists of five different types of high performance polymer resins, including:

  • Epoxy flooring
  • Urethane topcoats
  • Cementitious urethane mortars
  • Polyaspartic finishes
  • Vinyl ester coating systems