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Hangar Safety – The Role of Flooring

From huge military jets and commercial airliners to smaller business aviation and propeller aircraft, airplanes are complex machines that require a great deal of care and caution to handle safely. This extends beyond pilots and mechanics to all hangar personnel that come into contact with, or are in the vicinity of the aircraft. In addition […]

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Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Systems – Are They Right for Your Project?

The appealing mosaic-like appearance of terrazzo makes it a highly sought-after flooring option. Terrazzo itself has been around for millennia, and was originally created by embedding chips of marble in a clay surface. More modern forms of terrazzo flooring have been created by exposing flakes of different rocks and minerals on the surface of concrete, […]

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White Epoxy Floors: The Perfect Sanitary Look

White flooring can be a huge asset in a healthcare or cleanroom facility, where being able to quickly notice and remedy spills and other sanitation issues is of utmost importance. It is a preferred color for many other industries and settings, but can be difficult to achieve and maintain long term. Many white flooring systems […]

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Well-Selected Concrete Coatings for Vehicle Maintenance Areas

When it comes to flooring for vehicle maintenance areas, whether in professional auto mechanic facilities, antique or classic car storage, auto dealerships, or truck, fleet and commercial vehicle maintenance facilities, the selected flooring must withstand a daily barrage of challenges. Floor coverings must be non-skid, durable, secure and easy to keep clean of grease and […]

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Protect Your Facility with ESD Epoxy Flooring

If your facility handles sensitive electronics or complex manufacturing equipment, it could be facing serious potential damage from static electricity within the room or workspace. The right type of electrostatic dissipative floor can help protect equipment from this type of failure. ESD epoxy floor coatings and ESD urethane finishes provide all the benefits facilities need, […]

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Advantages of Using Fast-Curing Resin Floor Systems

Whether it’s constructing a new facility or rehabbing an existing commercial building, almost all projects are under severe time constraints. Fast-turnaround resinous flooring is available to make life easier for many different industries. Food & Beverage Processing The coordination efforts and enormous organization that goes into food and beverage processing involves tight schedules and, oftentimes, […]

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