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Industrial Flooring – Size Does Matter!

Sure, there are times when “bigger is better”.  But, not always.

For example, did you know that Florock® Polymer Flooring is also available in Mini Kit packaging?

The convenient, no-waste economy of Florock Mini Kits is appreciated by a growing number of Approved Installers, who like to keep a few of the versatile kits on hand.

Mini Kit packaging is just right for . . .

. . . Test patch installations.

. . . Punch list touch ups.

. . . Finishing up a floor job — saves having to open a new pail set.

. . . Making cured samples in-house.

. . . Trying a Florock System for the first time.

Nearly all popular Florock products are stocked in Mini Kit size, which typically contains a quart to a half-gallon of liquids, depending on the system.   Short lead times may apply to special orders.

Ask your Florock Representative about the new 2013 Florock Mini Kit Price List.  Because, when it comes to concrete flooring value and convenience, size does matter!

To find the Florock Rep. nearest you, simply email us or call 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or 773-255-1753.


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