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How GCs Choose Their Flooring Subs

As a Professional Flooring Installer, you enjoy getting calls from GCs.  But, hey, there’s a lot of competition out there!  How can you become a General Contractor’s regular “go to” flooring sub?

Here’s what industry experts have to say:*

  • Know who’s boss.  For the General Contractor, the Facility Owner is Priority One.   Treat the Building Owner like your own best customer.
  • Shoot straight.  If a delay or other issue comes up, don’t “candy coat” it.  Communicate the reality of the situation to the GC immediately and be ready with possible solutions.
  • Be a team player.  In a large, tightly coordinated project, your crew’s actions can have a huge domino effect.  Make sure that effect is positive.
  • Practice safety.  A sound safety record, along with coverage from a reliable insurer, point to good site management — and indicate that you’re capable of more challenging, higher dollar projects.
  • Be fiscally responsible.  Sloppy or mismanaged finances will keep you out of the game.
  • Contribute.  If you see something that could improve the project or head off a potential problem, let the GC know about it — even if it’s not in your area.  Your insight will be appreciated.
  • Be flexible, and easy to work with (‘nuff said!).

In the end, getting that phone to ring is about building great business relationships – whether it’s those you have with your GCs, or the one we have with you!  From all of us at Florock® Polymer Flooring . . .

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