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Plant Shutdowns – Become the “Great Communicator”

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Getting that initial contract for shutdown flooring work can mean regular business for years to come.  But how can you be sure you’ll be invited back?

Understanding your customer’s internal company dynamics can help! With big chunks of budget at risk, Facility Managers are under extreme pressure to have their tightly orchestrated plans go smoothly.

Since “poor contractor communication” is seen as a major problem for Plant Managers* during shutdowns, be part of the solution with these tips:

  • Outline exactly what you’ll be doing, when and how
  • Request resources like electricity and dust curtains well in advance
  • Put everything in writing
  • Don’t assume – ask!
  • Respond promptly to any questions asked of you
  • Be clear, concise and professional even if you’re in a hurry
  • Email or text your Facility Contact a brief update daily
  • Do whatever you can to make the Facility Manager’s job easier!

As a Professional Flooring Installer, receiving a shutdown contract means the Plant Manager has great trust in you and your team.  Don’t let them down!

Become the “Great Communicator” when it comes to shutdown flooring workand see that contract get renewed next year!

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* PEM Magazine, “What Makes a Successful Plant Shutdown?”, pem-mag.com/Features/What-makes-a-successful-plant-shutdown.html

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