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The Floroproof System Guarantee

It’s 4:30am on a Monday morning and your phone rings.  This can’t be good – it’s the facility where you recently installed a beautiful new industrial floor coating.  The Manager asks you to come out right away:   An area of the floor is “forming blisters”.   You groan and hop into your truck.

Capillary Action in Concrete*

What’s the cause? The delamination could be the result of any number of causes.  But, one common problem is Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT).   In MVT, a phenomenon called “capillary action” causes moisture underneath the slab to migrate upward through the alkaline concrete toward the warmer and dryer surface above it.  Near the top, the concrete cap, or cream, acts much like a sponge, absorbing the moisture vapor from below.  Capillary action continues to move the vapor to the surface, where it condenses again into a high pH liquid that destroys the bond line of most epoxy coatings.

How often does this happen? With today’s suburbs expanding onto reclaimed and lower-lying land, higher water tables are becoming a fact of life for many parts of the country.  And growing urbanization, with its impervious hardscape construction, is forcing rain and snow runoff into unpredictable patterns as it seeks out ever smaller areas of absorbent soil.   This all contributes to the occurrence of MVT issues.

So, what’s the answer? The FloroProof System can help.  At Florock, we’ve put our 60 years in the flooring business to work and come up with a unique method of concrete analysis, followed by product selection and application based on test results.   When installed properly, the FloroProof System can keep floor coatings well-bonded, even in the presence of MVT.   We’re so confident, we guarantee it!

Ready to forego that early morning customer call?  Let’s work together for success!  Simply email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) to learn more about the FloroProof System & Extended Warranty.

Flooring Success!

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  • We can help the contractor figure out what it will take to slow down the MVT to acceptable levels – with a guarantee!

  • Dave

    The “maze” of moisture vapor transmittion info simplified and clearly explained. Florock understands it & can therfore provide the solution & guarantee!

  • Renato

    It is very important for a Contractor to have a good knowledge of concrete Pathology. The first thing he has to have in mind is the fact that concrete is a porous material. This enables water to ascend by capillarity. The phenomenon occurs mainly in poor strength concrete slabs. By the other hand, high strength concrete is very dense and therefore less porous. High strength concrete can be achieved including an appropriate water reducer admixture in the mix. So, never place a floor covering over a poor strength concrete slab!
    Now, there are several evaluations that could be made at the job site before placing the floor covering. They are mainly the following:
    • Superficial Humidity (over 4% in a Tramex Test)
    • Superficial hardness (over 1,5 MPa in a Pull out test)
    • Compressive strength (over 25 MPa evaluating core samples)
    • Relative humidity, average room temperature and dew point at the moment of the application.
    MVT problems in floors are the consequence of not evaluating the substrates before placing the floor covering.

    • Excellent additions! Thanks for your comments, Renato!