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Holiday Travel Season for Concrete Floors

With the holiday travel season near at hand, vehicle maintenance technicians everywhere are changing oil, greasing gears, topping off fluids and inevitably, spilling dangerous chemicals onto concrete floors.  If not contained, these substances can leach through porous slabs, contaminating surrounding soil and groundwater.

The effective, eco-friendly solution?  Epoxy flooring topped with a two-component Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU), such as Florothane CR.

Very low V.O.C. and low emissions, ultra high performance Florothane CR is among the elite floor coating products “Approved by the U.S. Military for Use in Air Hangar and Vehicle Maintenance Facilities”.   Resistant to fuels, oil, solvents and even hot tire staining, this cement floor paint is specifically designed to protect concrete flooring from degradation, while safeguarding the surrounding environment.

An added bonus for mechanics everywhere – glossy clear and colored Florothane CR reflects overhead lighting, enhancing visibility under large aircraft and chassis.  Customizable skid-resistance, plus abrasion-resistant safety markings, make this the ideal floor painting finish coat for fleet repair facilities.

Whether via planes, trains and automobiles, buses or trucks… We wish you well-maintained transport and safe holiday travels!

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