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Avoid the Concrete Flooring Blind Date!

Would you ever agree to go on a blind date scheduled to last several days?  “No way!  Too risky,” you say?  Yet, that’s what a concrete flooring contractor does anytime he installs epoxy coatings without first testing for slab moisture.

In the dating game, it’s far more prudent to meet briefly for coffee and gain insight on how best to proceed.  Without it, a longer commitment could be a disaster.  Testing for moisture in a concrete floor slab is like that first coffee shop date.

The experienced industrial flooring contractor knows that an accurate moisture reading enables proper selection of commercial flooring materials and methods of substrate preparation.  Lack of this information can result in surface anomalies, and even delamination of the cured floor coating.

Why risk it?  Now that there’s such an efficient, easy way to achieve precise slab relative humidity measurements, epoxy concrete blind dates should be a thing of the past!

Watch to see how it’s done:

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