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Top 7 Ways Industrial Floor Coating Is Green!

Sure, industrial flooring is known for its exceptional performance and design versatility, but are these commercial floor coatings green? The answer is an unequivocal “yes!”

Florock’s epoxy, MMA (methyl methacrylate), urethane mortar and polyaspartic concrete floor resurfacing products are environmentally friendlier than ever.  Find out why we’re fast becoming the professionals’ favorite green concrete floor covering:

  1. Florock Decorative Concrete is Low to Zero V.O.C. and Low-Emissions.  The majority of our concrete paint is 100% solids and solvent-free.
  2. Our floor coatings minimize shipping fuel consumption. When a 40K sq. ft. warehouse needs a new resin floor, in many cases, only the liquid polymer gets shipped from the factory.  Approved aggregate and powder components can often be locally sourced.
  3. The right high performance floor paint helps safeguard the surrounding community.  Uncoated concrete floors are porous, allowing dangerous chemicals to leach through to soil and groundwater. Florock can prevent this, as well as enable a company to comply with EPA and other regulations.
  4. Florock covers the gamut of polymer flooring technologies.  Our product line includes a variety of resin chemistries, from MMA’s to cementitious urethane, in order to properly address the many different concrete resurfacing challenges out there.  The environment is only protected so long as the right product – and unique polymer formula – is in place.  Companies offering only one type of non-slip flooring simply can’t compete.
  5. Our quality concrete sealers are long-term solutions. They typically outlast many other flooring options, such as tile and carpet that end up in landfills every couple of years.
  6. Many Florock concrete coatings are available in recyclable packaging.
  7. Our commercial flooring systems can be installed using EcoBlend glass bead aggregate blend.  The 25-30% recycled content of our product is almost twice that of other known competitors!

Need LEEDS® or other eco-friendly flooring support?  Simply email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625).

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