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A Tale of Two Floor Coatings

Once upon a time there was a commercial floor coating installer named Rocky, who was very proud of his craft.  Rocky’s goal was to be the best in the business — he was determined to satisfy his customers’ concrete flooring needs 100% of the time.

Rocky regularly enjoyed using Florock System 4805 as the clear topcoat on decorative FloroQuartz, FloroChip and heavy duty FloroShop Systems.  He loved that facility owners consistently raved about the easy maintenance, safety and attractive appearance of their Florock industrial flooring!

Then one day, as Rocky and his crew were completing prep on a large concrete floor, the customer told him he would need the epoxy flooring opened to traffic sooner than planned.  Rocky was puzzled.  How to achieve this without compromising performance properties?

Rocky called Florock for advice.  His local Rep told him about NEW System 4900 – a faster curing epoxy coating that would serve his needs.

Rocky was excited – he could keep his record of 100% Customer Satisfaction!  But, wouldn’t production and shipping take time?  His Rep assured him that, as always, product was on hand and could be shipped out that very same day.  By the time Rocky had his primer down, the System 4900 100% solids, quicker-curing epoxy floor coating would be at his door.

And so it was.  Rocky was able to complete yet another top-rated Florock commercial flooring project on time and within budget!

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