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Doing It Greener – New EcoBlend Concrete Resurfacing

Retail Store FlooringDon’t let the designer colors fool you – New EcoBlend Concrete Resurfacing is green alright! Decorative and high performance aggregate blends made up of 25-33% recycled glass. That’s more than twice the recycled material content of the leading competitor’s comparable product!

Need those LEED points? EcoBlend can help. By qualifying for LEED MR (Material and Resources) and EQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) Credits, EcoBlend aggregate incorporated in the FloroQuartz or FloroShop Commercial Flooring System contributes to the desirable incentives that LEED certified projects enjoy.   Assembled by skilled technicians at the jobsite, Florock industrial floor coverings qualify as “regionally manufactured materials”.

Throughout the industry, the push is on to use every construction dollar “greenly”.  Luckily, whether you’re rehabbing an existing facility or planning something new, EcoBlend’s exceptional versatility lends itself to a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional floor applications.

It’s just the latest step in our company-wide commitment to doing it greener.  Let our local nationwide representatives advise you on customized concrete sealer systems for your unique application.  To learn more, simply email us or call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625). We offer commercial floor coating systems.


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