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Export Markets for Made in USA Industrial Flooring

The current value of the U.S. Dollar against many foreign currencies may elicit groans from Americans planning overseas travel, but it’s been a boon for companies like Crawford Labs, Chicago-based manufacturer of Florock Industrial Flooring.  After recently opening up the Vietnamese market for its products, Florock is now venturing into South Korea with its FloroCrete Urethane Mortar concrete resurfacing products.

Today’s global monetary exchange rates are helping nimble operations like Florock Concrete Paint gain a solid foothold in export markets.  When Asian importers see what their currency can buy in American goods, compared to, say, German-made products, the U.S. producer may have a slight advantage. This is, in part, thanks to the Dollar’s lower value next to currencies like the Deutschmark.

But none of that would matter without great epoxy paint and committed customer support.  When a Buyer for a South Korean car manufacturer recently became dissatisfied with the lack of service they received from their floor paint company, they turned to FloroCrete for a fresh look.  Upon requesting a reference for a large concrete floor coating job, the Korean manufacturer was told about the 50,000 sq.ft. Florock epoxy floor paint installation in 2010 — at their own U.S. car plant!

The result?  FloroCrete American made concrete sealer is on its way to South Korea for a test job.  Safe travels and much success, Florock!

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