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American Made – Epoxy Flooring

Are you the Foreman who examines epoxy paint can labels for the words “Made in U.S.A.”?  Perhaps you’re the Facility Manager who regularly requests “American Made” epoxy concrete?  Or maybe you’re just someone who “buys American” whenever possible.  To all – we thank you!

“We” are Crawford Labs, proud manufacturer of Florock Industrial Flooring.  Our high performance epoxy coatings protect millions of square feet of facility floors throughout the U.S., Mexico and the world.  Just imagine – when our epoxy floor paint is installed in as far away as Viet Nam, it’s still made right here at home!

A family-owned business for nearly 60 years, Crawford Labs/Florock has employed entire generations of Chicagoans. It’s not unusual to have workers’ brothers, sons or daughters join the team.  We’ve met employees’ children as toddlers, lived through their rebellious teen years together, and then seen those young folks off to college…

All those families supported over these many years, thanks to innovative, globally competitive industrial floor coatings produced in a Chicago neighborhood.   When you buy Florock epoxy floor coating and other “Made in U.S.A.” products, you not only get exceptional quality – you get strong communities. Thanks for helping to build ours!

Have concrete flooring questions?  Simply contact us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or web@florock.net. We’re here to help! http://www.florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems/

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