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Industrial Flooring Step By Step

What industrial flooring system is best for us? It’s a question Florock Customer Service Manager Ashley Shew hears on a daily basis.  “Callers sometimes want us to suggest a system within the first minute of conversation,” says Shew. “But we don’t like to shoot from the hip.  And in fact, there’s a lot to it.” The below examples of Technical Team questions illustrate what goes into a professional concrete floor coating recommendation.

What are the overall goals of your flooring project? Are you looking for a new epoxy floor to take your business into the next decade, or just a short-term solution while constructing your new facility?  Is your floor to be a showpiece, a workhorse – or both?

What is the current condition of your floor? The age of the concrete slab, whether it is coated or bare, smooth or cracked, clean or stained, are all points of interest.

Knowledge of the total facility environment is important. Traffic patterns, maintenance schedules, and chemical usage are just some of the considerations.  Not to be overlooked are the slab and air temperatures — during installation and normal operation.  Even activities outside the area receiving the new floor will be of concern. For example, if plating area workers walk through the warehouse on their way to lunch, your new warehouse floor must be designed to withstand the residual acids and caustics from plating employees’ shoes.

We’ll want to know how much time you can allow for installation and cure of your new floor coating. Can you allot a week, a weekend, or only a day for your high performance floor to be installed?

What are your desires regarding aesthetics? Today, even heavy duty industrial floors can be used to brighten and enhance the work space. A broad spectrum of colors, patterns, designer aggregates and decorative chips are available.  We can even embed your company logo into your new floor!

Of course, safety is not to be overlooked. The “right” level of anti-skid for your operation means also allowing for easy cleaning.  And because all our flooring products are Low or No V.O.C., and meet or exceed EPA regulations, keeping within your company’s allowable solvent rules is easy.

Finally, an understanding of your budget is critical. Your new floor should perform and look great, and be installed at the price agreed upon.  Because Florock is factory-direct, providing unparalleled industrial floor value is a no-brainer. If you need commercial flooring coatings, call us.

Let Florock Technical Rep Tom Lux explain more:

Still have questions?  No problem!  Just give us a call at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) in the U.S., or 1-773-376-7132 from outside the country.  We’re here to help.

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