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Epoxy Coatings Go Green

While autumn leaves turn orange and gold, Florock, never one to follow the crowd, just keeps getting greener! Crawford Laboratories is proud to announce new recyclable gallon can packaging for all solvent-free industrial flooring products.  The new plastic container bears the “recyclable” symbol accepted at most recycling centers.

New Florock Recyclable Packaging

The innovative design makes it easy for contractors to recycle the new container.  By being “nestable” – stackable one inside the next — empty cans are conveniently stored in a small space, awaiting transport to the local recycler.  Eliminating the “lip” at the top, the new can allows users to scrape out every last drop of concrete floor paint —  emphasizing economy, as well as ecology!

Longtime consumers of the single gallon-size epoxy floor paint will note that the new plastic cans are packed six (6) each per fiberboard box, in place of the traditional four (4) each. Reduction of fiberboard brings yet another benefit to the environment.

New Recyclable Gallon Cans Packed 6 per Box

Utilizing recycled 55 gallon containers for all drum packaging has long been the company policy.  The revolutionary 1 gallon can is just another in a long line of eco-steps being implemented.

Florock produces low V.O.C. and solvent-free concrete flooring products, using state-of-the-art R & D technology to even further reduce volatile emissions on an ongoing basis. Committed to a greener future, CEO David Schmetterer and his Florock “Green Team” continue to seek out environmentally friendlier options for all aspects of their business.


Jobsite Tip: Contractors, remember to inform your clients about your environmentally sound practices, like recycling whenever possible – and using Florock.  They’ll feel even better about working with you, and be more likely to spread the word!

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