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Flooring Funnies

Gargantua Corp. and Small Biz engaged in a competition to measure slab moisture and install the same concrete floor finish on two identical slabs, using no more than ten people. Both teams honed their skill for weeks.

On the big day, Small Biz won by 9 hours. Team Gargantua was discouraged by the loss. Morale sagged. Corporate management hired a consulting firm.

The consultant’s finding: Small Biz employed one man to test for slab moisture using Rapid RH*, and nine Epoxy Flooring Professionals to install the floor; Gargantua Corp. had four Assistant Managers checking slab moisture with the old-fashioned humidity chamber method, one Concrete Flooring Mechanic painting the floor, and four MBAs supervising.

After 12 months and $20 million spent analyzing the situation, Gargantua Corp. underwent a major reorganization. The new corporate structure: Two Supervising Managers, two Regional Managers, four Assistant Managers testing slab moisture via the same outdated method, and one new Performance Review System to “motivate” the Epoxy Flooring Installer to work harder.

The next year, Small Biz won by 20 hours!

Humiliated, Gargantua Corp. laid off its Floor Coating Mechanic due to poor performance. All Managers then received a promotion with bonus for discovering the problem!

*See last week’s blog “Flooring Technology 2010” and this demo video for more info (http://www.wagnermeters.com/video-install.php#) !

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