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Expert’s Tips

Last month welcomed the newest member of the FloroCrete concrete floor finishes family, FloroCrete HD! Amid the excitement, customers expressed the need for a summary of the various FloroCrete Urethane Mortar products. We’re glad to oblige!

As you may know, FloroCrete products offer properties far superior to typical epoxy flooring. They protect against thermal shock, as well as provide exceptional resistance to chemicals, solvents, acids and bases. In addition, all FloroCrete systems meet USDA requirements for incidental food contact and can be installed with any level of skid-resistance. Here’s the current line-up:

FloroCrete RT (Rake and Trowel): Install as a slurry/broadcast system on floors that support moderately strenuous activity. Available in Tile Red and Silver Grey.

FloroCrete SL (Self-Leveling Slurry): Ideal in slightly less demanding environments with a risk of chemical spills and thermal shock. Field tint with FLOROCK dry pigments.

FloroCrete PT (Primer/Topcoat): Apply this three-component coating as primer or topcoat in conjunction with other FloroCrete products, or as a convenient stand-alone system with a broadcast of slip-resistant aggregate. Field tint with FLOROCK dry pigments.

FloroCrete TL (Trowel): Great urethane mortar for cove base installation. Field tint with FLOROCK dry pigments.

NEW! FloroCrete HD (Heavy-Duty): Trowel apply in one pass! HD slides out of the screed box easily, is self-priming and closes up effortlessly with troweling. No topcoat needed. Great for floors subjected to the worst abuse – very heavy traffic, corrosive chemicals and regular thermal shock. Available pre-pigmented in Tile Red and Silver Grey.

Call us at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) for more details! If you need commercial floor coatings, call us.

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